In November 2020, Faber Books announced that they had acquired publishing rights to Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions and The Book of Not, completing its collection of the Tambudzai trilogy after publishing its edition of This Mournable Body in January of the same year. The re-issue of all three books, dubbed the Tambudzai trilogy, is finally out in a paperback edition dressed in eye-popping covers.

Nervous Conditions, published in 1988, is a certified classic featuring one of the most captivating characters in African fiction. The sequel The Book of Not, published in 2006, explores the powerful historical forces that seals Tambu’s fate of broken dreams. The final book,This Mournable Body, which was shortlisted for the Booker Prize, brings Tambu’s story to the present day.

Last year when news of the rights acquisition came out, Dangarembga expressed excitement about the reissue, noting that it “brings Tambudzai’s story to many more readers, opening a window onto lives that otherwise might not have been seen by a global audience.” She adds: “Tambudzai’s story is the story of women on and off the African continent told in an African context. I believe it is a story that deserves attention.”

Congrats to Dangarembga and Faber Books.  Follow this link to buy.