It’s the best literary news you’ll hear today.

In what appears to be a long overdue development, Chinua Achebe’s African trilogy—the novels Things Fall Apart, No Longer at Ease and Arrow of God—are being adapted for the screen, according to a statement by Achebe’s family.

The family will work with consultants Dayo Ogunyemi of 234 media and Joe Seldner of Seldner Media to bring the novels to the screen.

“A television series combines the visual appeal of film with the ability to tell stories over extended programming,” the statement further reads. “This makes it possible to faithfully present the African trilogy’s epic, multi-generational sweep on screen to global audience for the first time. The series will portray decades of wrenching social change, from the end of the 19th century in Things Fall Apart through the emerging 20th century in Arrow of God and the mid-20th pre-independence century in No Longer at Ease.”

Considered one of the world’s greatest novels ever written, Achebe’s Things Fall Apart largely charted a new course in African literature. The novel has since sold in tens of millions of copies and translated into more than 60 languages all over the world. The follow-up novels which sum up the trilogy have also been met with critical acclaim.

“We believe this moment makes the message of my husband’s work urgent, especially for Millennials and Generation Z who are challenging systemic racism and driving the new civil rights movement,” Says Christie Achebe, the wife of the late legend. “Chinua Achebe’s recognition and centering of these issues from an African perspective make his stories more vital than ever.”

Similarly, Chidi Chike Achebe, the son of the late novelist, provided more scoop. According to him, the project team is made of top Hollywood geniuses and Asians as well. His siblings who are all academics, with degrees ranging from history to Africana studies, will also be involved. Safe to say it is a family project in every sense of the word.

There is no official release date yet.

We can’t wait!

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