Phases (temporibus)

Chapter (s)
1: the beginning (principium)
2: the search (et quaerere)
3: the man (vir)
4: the woman (femina)
5: the day it all started (Omnia coepi in die illa)
6: true love (verus amor)
7: death (mortem)

The creation of God was beautiful, unique,
But there was something missing in the world,
A man and a woman who could fill the void to make the world complete.
The beginning of life as we know it.

Brought into a world strange to them,
The man and woman had to search,
For their purpose in this world,
So they went their separate ways to find who they were
And make meaning of what was around them.
Life begins.

The man brought into the world to oversee creation,
Found himself going through every trial
From the physical, the mental, and the spiritual,
To gradually build himself and get ready
For the world he’s about to explore and develop.
And make sense of it without seeing his limits.

The woman according to creation forged out of man
To play a part in keeping the man in check,
The trial the woman went through was endurance, patience and love,
The woman’s impact on the world is something
Irreplaceable despite the fact that the world is not ready to accept the truth,
They would have to take it as it is.

Their eyes met and they instantly fell in love,
Not a fairy tale but the world stood still.
Together despite the chaos in the world, they found peace with themselves,
They were able to handle all the pressure and pain
Together through the support they gave themselves.
They gave the true meaning of love through their actions.

They say true love does not exist,
But the love of God is true,
True love comes from deep within the heart.
The man and woman had doubts,
But something within connects them beyond their understanding,
The mystery behind love that’s yet to be known.

Death our true companion in the land of the living,
Time reminds the man and woman that it is not their lover,
So why don’t we accept death as our companion
So we can have just a little hope,
That we can live this life the way we want,
And then prepare for the great beyond.


Photo by Vinicius “amnx” Amano on Unsplash