time – had dealt heavy
blows to this hamlet, but
no one is noticing the
mis-fortune painted hue.

long stretch of sweet-water
trees – standing arranged
adorning the coast of the river
was nowhere in sight or mind.

save, for a handful of bereaved
trees, standing bowed
lamenting the blight of nature.

a walk to the riverside, visit
to a dead land – why?
fishermen casting nets, only
to bring out hope and frowns,
fishes here have gotten fewer –

waves from the river, lost their
charm – clusters of bushes
here and there – standing in
sorrow of this doom.

the moon stopped the pact, it had
with boys and girls of this hamlet,
to frolic and sing songs under
the blue blanket of his, songs
replaced with dirges – curtain fell
light faded – a chapter was closed.

NB: Inspired by Olukorede Yishau


Photo by Keith Hardy on Unsplash