Remember the tale told of a man and a god with a fine jawline, built body, dark-skinned, and a sweet tongue. The one who never refused to lust after any woman. He dictated the rules of patriarchy. He claimed to be the mighty one of dominance. He alleged Adifala could not seek the oracle without his consent and when Adifala did, he rendered him impotent. He boasted that Orunmila could not function without his consent because what was the god of creation without his essence. His name was Dada, the god of sex and pleasure. Take a cup filled with palm wine as I narrate the exploits of the god of sex and pleasure.

He was one proud god, a father to all, and a husband to none. He delighted in lashing the organs of humans and blessing them with pleasure. His mother was claimed to be the Olomo, the goddess of fertility. He pleaded with his mother to bless his worshippers with the fruit of multiplication. To those virgins who resisted his advances, he caused Adifala to use them for sacrifices. It was twice rumoured that he had eyes for Oya, the wife of Sango. It made Sango furious and yell the words, “oti fi ika senu ekun o di dan dan ki ekun ge e je”, meaning “you have put your hands in the mouth of the tiger and definitely you shall be bitten”.

Dada was referred to as the beauty behind the Devil for the Devil sometimes borrowed his skin for his deeds. There was something between the Devil and Dada that no one understood. It was believed that the Devil was the true father of Dada by some. Yet, it is only a truth that can be revealed by Olodunmare. When the other gods defiled him, he’d starve them of carnal pleasure. Dada was the one that caused Sango to wear on his eyes ‘tiro’, the black eye pencil for it prevented him from being impotent. It was maintained by others that a creature that lived in the vast end of Mars was the true father of Dada. That Olomo had mated with this creature because she wanted a son so badly. However still, the truth is on the palms of Olodunmare.

Moremi Ajasoro was saddened by the exploits of Dada not because she wasn’t gladdened by the multiplication of men but because the women were enchanted by his dangerous exploits, virgins were killed for sacrifices, and the exploitations of Dada had no bounds. She cried to Orunmila, the god of wisdom. Orunmila told Moremi to have patience. He urged the other gods to be calm. He pacified Sango and gave him milk. Orunmila revealed that Dada, the god of sex and pleasure Ori had been changed by the Devil. The true Dada was one with long and fat dreadlocks, the true son of Sango. The true Dada was a warrior and brave at heart. Orumila revealed that the devil was the one that changed the Ori of Dada because he needed to be fed through the nonchalance of Dada, that the Devil needed the attention of humans and wanted to feast on virgins. He hypnotised Olomo to have carnal knowledge with someone unknown.

He predicted that the devil shall betray and kill Dada, and that Aganju, the god of volcanoes, shall blast the body of Dada into pieces on earth, and that the gods shall weep over his death. The gods shall pour their tears down to earth and that the spirit and remains of Dada shall touch every length and breadth of the earth, touching every soul with his essence. Orunmila shall reveal that there would be a curse of fornication and adultery upon the inhabitants of earth, but Olodunmare shall bless them with the spirit of choice. The choice to be mated and not be mated. The choice to be adulterous or not. The choice to fornicate or not and particularly, when the aliens come upon the earth, the choice to follow the ways of their ancestors or not.

At the death of Dada, Olomo swore to help the women on earth fight for any injustices. The goddess helped women who wanted to conceive and blessed women who didn’t with their heart’s desires.


Photo by JEFERSON GOMES from Pexels