If death was paradise
Would you dine with her?
Would you crave her body and soul?
Would you be blinded by her love?
Or will thou flee when she comes near?
Will her mere presence
rain shivers down your spine?
I ask thee
paradise we call from far and wide
But we fret at the cost of it
Transcending to another realm
Leaving everyone reminiscing
All because of a fool’s paradise
Tears soak their eyes
And their vision gets blurry
A blink is all it takes
And then the choked tears cascade
Down the smoothen face
her happiness turns drought
And since nature leaves no vacuum
Sorrow creeps in
Sowing the nasty seed of loneliness
Who walks down the aisle
to meet her lover depression
Your beloved paradise
Has brought a soldier to her knees
Another blanket is gone
And then the cycle
Looks for one who will break the jinx
And let humanity live.


Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash