Praxis Magazine has published an anthology of essays on teachers and teaching from seven young Nigerian writers.  Titled The Good Teacherthe anthology, which is edited by Darlington Chibueze, celebrates the work of teachers across the world in nation building and character development, through personal reflections from the featured writers.

The collection begins with a foreword by the University of London scholar and biographer Ezechi Onyerionwu. South African poet Sibongile Fisher praises the collection for exploring the ways in which “teachers are intrinsic to our identities as persons and their pedagogy is key in shaping humanity.” For Niyi Osundare, “the stories in this collection show our philistine society that it is possible to be a teacher and a hero.”

Read the publisher’s statement and head to Praxis Magazine to read the collection.

The Good Teacher explores the lives of teachers as servants, who break their intellect and spirit and offer them to their students, with the hope that the students will keep alive the selfless ritual of sharing knowledge and friendship. The seven stories in the anthology invite us to witness the lives of teachers who showed their students the path they walk today, teachers who refused to let their students down, teachers who went beyond their job description to offer their students a model of life. Equally, these stories reveal how our education system breaks teachers and students alike. The collection features Chimezie Chika’s “The Master of the Classroom,” Isaac Newton Akah’s “On Itodo,” Zenas Ubere’s “The Terror Ahead,” Michael Chiedoziem Chukwudera’s “A Sisyphean Struggle,” Darlington Chibueze Anuonye’s “The Enormity of Silence,” Theophilus Mshelia Sokuma’s “A Different Way of Being,” and Anthony Chibueze Ukwuoma’s “Nee Uwe Nwa m, Joseph.”