As many of you know, we publish original writing by African writers. Most of these writers are young and live on the continent. The past few weeks have been a time of rich harvest in terms of the number of submissions we received. Of these submissions, we loved quite a few of them. Thus, we are running a 30-day campaign to showcase this harvest of beautiful writing. Beginning on October 9, we began publishing a brand new piece of writing everyday and will continue to do so for 30 days!

The campaign fulfills our mandate to center early career writers by bringing their work to an engaged audience. The writing selected for the #30daysofAfricanwriting campaign consists of poetry, fiction, and essay and explores themes ranging from feminism, to grief, politics, love, and queer experiences. The other objective is to introduce readers to new voices.

Some of these writers are being published for the first time, others have been writing for much longer. But, what they all share is a passion for writing and lots of talent.

If you love African literature, should be your go-to place. The campaign introduces you to some of the newest voices from the continent.

Kudos to our Submissions Editor Tahzeeb Akram for leading the campaign.