When death calls…
Seducing me in its embrace
Lay me in a simple box
Do not take a picture of me 
For my eyes would be closed, I won’t see
Just behold my form
And bid me goodbye

When death calls…
Echoing deep into my soul
Drowning me in an ocean of endlessness
Please refrain a sigh
I do not want you to cry

When death calls…
Adorn me in roses
But please, no wool in my nostrils
I’d also appreciate some lilies in my hair
With a dress so flare.

When death calls…
I want a requiem mass
With no crowd enmass
Pray for the remittance of my sin
Tell the priest to give me a final blessing.

When death calls…
I will rise again
For I am targeting heaven as my gain
All joy and no pain
Far away from this earth’s exile!


Photo by Tomas Williams on Unsplash