Nigerian-Canadian author Mobola Rahman has a new book out. The book is titled Finding Home and was published on June, 2021.

We meet the main character, 13 year old Edidiong (Eddy) Ikong, at the beginning of the story as her father passes away. Soon after, Eddy is displaced and moves in with her abusive and stifling uncle as a house maid. The story follows Eddy’s new life all the way into adulthood, as she seeks to balance the ideals left behind by her late father all the while navigating her new home life. On the book launch live stream event, Rahman says that she sees Eddy’s struggles finding her identity as a child and what kind of person she wants to be, as a parallel to questions adults raise, or should raise, about themselves: what kind of person do they want to be and how do different institutions in their life (like work, family, and school) shape the type of person they’re growing into?

Readers will enjoy this book centered around the themes of identity, education, family, and defining what home is. Also, readers who are interested in depictions of some of the social issues children experience in Nigeria will find many references in this book. Rahman describes the book as an easy exciting read with very immersive depictions of Nigerian life.

Identifying with her main character, Rahman is very committed to identifying and aiding social issues in Nigeria. All the proceeds of her debut novel will go to fund the Lagos Christmas Drive, a state-wide campaign that aims to raise funds for families who have been hit hard by the pandemic and the difficult economy.

Read the book’s description and see buying options below.

FINDING HOME is the coming-of-age story of a 13-year old Calabar girl who must fight an oppressive tradition, patriarch and even her ‘saviors’ to get the education of her dreams.

Edidiong (Eddy) Ikong’s story begins the day her father, an unconventional man adamant on giving his only daughter an education despite tradition, dies.

Following his death, Eddy and her mother must now live under the household of Bassey – her father’s abusive and ambitious brother who now owns everything and has no patience or regard for Eddy’s dreams.

Finding Home takes you on a journey of self discovery and identity as Eddy’s mission is to overcome a feeling of displacement and find who she really is. It’s a powerful narrative that takes you on a journey of self love ,healing and forgiveness.

Mobola Rahman is a screenwriter and now also an author. She has been writing since she was nine years old, deeply enjoying creating worlds similar to those she loved to read. On her website, Being Bola, she writes that she wants to share stories through writing, film, and photography with her goal being “to show people that humanity is a shared experience. No one is alone.”

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