Why are we so daft?
And heartless to heart?
Are we praising the loveable devils
Or embracing the friendly foes?

When we are so blest,
Are we the ignoramus protectors,
That kick the peaceful protesters?
The latter crave democracy
Of thou political iniquity.

We wield uncontentious swords at lekki tollgate,
That live within the darkness of light
Are we satisfied with the penury?
And contented to the wealthy penny?

We illiterate elite,
Bushy of books,
Relic in the agony of anarchy for years
But trembling to wording
And chicken-heatedly dancing to singing,
Off the timid giant citizens.

We unsensitized administrators,
We aged little stakeholders
And think up with the dumb thought
Armed armed-men to harm men
No limitation. No identification.

Our daftness darkens democracy,
As your brutality brightens barbarity
The power of fundamental human rights
Relies upon and within our capacity
Only if we could awaken its identity
Nothing moves until we move.

But why are we so daft?











Photo by Asiama Junior from Pexels