Someday I’ll stare through tomorrow’s eyes and glimpse
sneak-peeks of today’s elusive possibilities.
An era when my worth will not be quantified or qualified
by the sickle-shaped resident cells subsisting in the red
liquid coursing through my veins.
Someday I’ll conquer my endless fears and limitations; fetters
in the face & phase of discrimination. As I raise my victorious
clarion call against those who chastised me, for bearing a burden
which coincidentally happens to be an unsolicited souvenir
from the benevolent chambers of parturition.
Someday I’ll shed tears of joy; refined from the cascades of sadness
that gather slowly beneath the trickling waterfalls of sorrow
which colonized the deepest vortexes of my soul.
Each drop, renewed from the negativity of low self-esteem and silent
isolation, to the salvation of insatiable vocal expression.
Someday I’ll dwell in a world, where each day will not have to be
a painful reminder of the irony governing my existence-
that the famed life giving blood, stabbed me in the heart; stealing life from me
in hungry gulps of infirmity, drinking in my pain, with unmasked
thirst for death, as if I’m to be blamed for being a malleable vessel.
Someday I’ll stand strong and defiant, on the shoulders of those that
came before me, and who suffered the same predicament.
I’ll kneel on sturdy limbs, with hands clasped in fervent supplication.\
That the eyes of humanity- even to the reaches of posterity-
be opened to the heart-wrenching plight of a sickle-cell patient.



Photo by Merlin Lightpainting from Pexels