Brittle Paper fam, our 50 Notable African Books of 2021 was co-published by the Mail and Guardian‘s Friday magazine.  All 50 books are featured in a 6-page spread and is available on the stands from December 3-9.

For the past four years, Brittle Paper has curated an annual list of the most impactful books by African writers for the year under review. The list honors the creativity of authors while bringing global attention to African literature, as well as serving as a guide for book lovers.

For the 2021 edition of the list, we partnered with South Africa’s premier newspaper the Mail & Guardian Friday and New York City based cultural organization The Africa Centre. In an article published in the Mail & Guardian, our Chief Editor Dr Ainehi Edoro explains that the list features a rich variety, from the most anticipated/read books for the year, to works by relatively new writers, works that explore new and interesting concepts, and works from underrepresented demographics. These factors combined result in an impressive, detailed list that contains something for everyone. You can find old beloved names as well as newer, soon-to-be-household names in any genre you fancy.

With a print readership of nearly half a million weekly and an over 1.1 million unique browsers monthly, we couldn’t be more confident about a means to get the word out as widely as possible. Many thanks to The Africa Centre as well for its generous support.

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