Dear Achebe,
Things have indeed Fallen Apart
Even Girls are now at War.
Yet, we await The Arrow of God,
To eradicate the social injustice
Which has become The Trouble with Nigeria
The land is so bleak
We are No Longer at Ease

Dear Adichie,
Things are Around Our Necks
We are being choked by turmoils
Our citizens are running off to become Americanas
People now yearn to see the Half of a Yellow Sun.
Oh! How I wish our joys can bloom like the Purple Hibiscus.

Dear Rotimi,
Our Hopes are similar to that of the Living Dead
Look! Our Husbands Have Gone Mad Again
If only you ask Kurunmi
Who seems to be Holding Talks
About our societal menace.

Dear Soyinka,
The Road is so bad
We can’t Set Forth at Dawn
Besides, it is the Season of Anomy
I doubt if we can tell of The Chronicles
From the Land as the Happiest People on Earth.
We are not happy!
We mourn daily about the ruins of our nation.

Dear Emecheta,
Our kids have Nowhere to Play
The country is not safe
We live as though, we are In the Ditch
We pray and hope to be saved from these Double Yokes.



Photo by Valentin Antonini on Unsplash