time passes like seeds hovering in
space. some find their footing,
some get blown away. I
remember when dreams
were possibilities await-
ing the breaking forth
of light. now, we
squat to list

on the sea-
shore. & as they
get swept by the
tide, we await the end of
the turmoil feasting on our
sanity. but this water sings of
the distance between chance &
faith. we have experienced loss to

call earth a playground. or see mother’s
breast has heaven. i tell you to send
a letter to the past. when you get
a response wrap it around
a stick, make barbecue
off it – grill to flames.
this is your ritual
of forgiveness.

the cuff
on yesterday
& watch it leap into
oblivion. tell me how to find
home within yourself when this
doorway is a space that leads no-where?



Photo by Tasha Jolley on Unsplash