After “Ocean” by Aa


Now that we know
that I am enchanted by maps & boats—
& the distance is a strained yarn,

I will traverse many waters to be with you.

Tell me, do you know the subjective measure between
I & you?
There is love in this effort…
or maybe it is not love at all until we give it a name.
I don’t know, I am trying to make a metaphor out of this,
the way you laugh over the phone & my memory of you
whiffs seashells.

Even in this light, you are familiar;
partly because I’d stalked you on Twitter, once,
hoping you would regard me.

There is something deific about how the ocean
pulls me in much like this bay of eyes, yours, even though
I know I could be submerged in it.

Perhaps love is not the murmur of the sea.
It is where I hear you most clearly.




Photo by Reuben Blake on Unsplash