Scottish-Nigerian novelist Adam Oyebanji has a murder mystery in the works. The book is titled A Quiet Place and was acquired by Severn House Publishing earlier this year. It is scheduled for publication sometime in November 2022.

Adam Oyebanji was born in Scotland. He graduated from Birmingham University and Harvard Law School and currently works in the field of counter-terrorist financing. His debut novel, Braking Day, was published earlier this month. In the sci-fi novel, a small fraction of humankind escaped Earth via spaceship after artificial intelligence life forms took over.

A Quiet Teacher is a departure from Oyebanji’s sci-fi debut. The main character is Greg Abimbola, a biracial British expat, who appears to be an everyday, quiet, charming high school teacher. However, we soon find out that there is more to Greg than meets the eye. He is an ex-spy. After the school’s assistant custodian—and Gregs only friend—is arrested for a murder, Greg has to use his “special skills” to get involved with the case and absolve his friend.

Set against a fictionalized backdrop of 2019’s college admissions bribery scandal, this compelling novel explores contemporary questions of identity and social stratification through the framework of a classic mystery. Expertly crafted, this book will enthrall readers as Greg’s investigation forces him to wade through the wreckage of his former career while trying to stay off the radar of the Pittsburgh PD, and perhaps even more sinister forces.

In a press statement, Carl Smith, the Commissioning Editor for Severn House, praised Oyebanji’s versatile style:

With A Quiet Teacher and Braking Day Adam is proving he has some incredible writing chops. He can craft a multi-layered mystery and develop complex characters with subtle beats that belie the fact this is only his second published novel. Adam’s is an exciting voice and is one you’ll be sure to hear more from, and I’m ecstatic to be working with him to publish A Quiet Teacher.

Adam Oyebanji is excited to work with the Severn House team, praising their track record of success:

You don’t have to spend very long in your local bookstore to figure out that Severn House authors, like Severn House themselves, are vibrant, independent, and curious about the world we live in.

Congratulations to Adam Oyebanji on both publications!