Stunning covers for both versions! English edition on the left, French edition on the right.

French-Ivorian recipe developer Marie Kacouchia is set to inspire English readers with the translation of her cookbook, Vegan Africa. The book was originally published in French September 2021 and will now be available in English on November 8, 2022 through The Experiment publishing house.

Vegan Africa takes readers on a vegan culinary journey all over the African continent. The book includes over 70 vegan recipes from over 15 countries: “from Ghana to Nigeria and more, and including recipes inspired by the author’s own Ivorian heritage.” What makes this cookbook extra special is that Kacouchia pours in memories of her upbringing, giving readers a sense of warmth and home in each recipe. Some of the dishes featured:

  • Cassava Tabbouleh with Radishes and Herbs
  • Cauliflower Yassa with Olives
  • Paprika-Spiced Plantain Chips
  • Mango-Chili Sauce
  • Spiced Hot Chocolate, and more!

Earlier this year, we named a few of our classic and recent African cookbook faves, and we’re so excited to add this one to the list!

Read about more details from the publisher below.

Africa is home to over 50 countries, each with their own diverse food cultures and traditions. But did you know that many traditional African recipes are naturally vegan? In fact, many powerful superfoods—from cacao to ginger—play a significant role in keeping these African recipes not only delicious but also good for your health.

With over 70 authentic and healthy vegan African recipes, Vegan Africa focuses on vegetables, grains, legumes, fats, spices, preserves, and drinks, and it includes a feature on African superfoods. Whether you’re a newcomer to African cuisines or looking for a way to veganize your favorites, Vegan Africa’s compendium of delicious recipes is sure to satisfy.

Marie Kacouchia is a French-Ivorian self-taught amateur chef. Vegan Africa is her first cookbook. As you can see throughout her Instagram feed, @thespicysoul, she is truly passionate about blends of African cuisine and what she sees as her cooking mission: “to promote this singular culture of hers, between the culture of origin and that of the host country, through cuisine that is essentially mixed.”

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