Leading fantasy and sci-fi platform Omenana Magazine has released its 21st issue. The issue features new work from nine writers across the continent including the Caine Prize finalist and winner of the Brittle Paper Award for Fiction Stacy Hardy, the writer and comic guru Seun Odukoya, and Ephraim Oji, finalist for the Awele Trust Award. It also features a story in French by Mariam Camara.

Omenana  publishes speculative fiction writers from across Africa and the African Diaspora. In the last few years, it has been home to many notable names in the speculative fiction genre including Wole Talabi, Nneoma Ike-Njoku and Chikaodili Emelummadu.

In an editorial note published on the website, editor Iquo DianaAbasi promises stories with “tension, anger and revenge”  but also “love and compassion in the speculative, science fiction, fantasy and horror stories from across Africa – Lesotho, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and Nigeria.” Here are DianaAbasi’s remarks on a few of the published stories:

“Read how a man’s lust and greed hook up with a deity’s cunning and lead to cataclysmic events. “The Gods Have Made a Request” is a story that will make your heart race in rapid beats. You will also encounter Aisirhiowen, a semi-bionic genius whose invention has to eventually be put on hold to enable her fulfill a calling that is greater than a fight for power, and greater than what’s left of humanity of that time. Parasites are not friendly, and often they can be deadly, but have you ever thought that a parasite could have benefits? Beyond causing pain, loss of some vital senses, and even loss of speech, this particular parasite can give pleasure in equal measure. We’ve got just the story to acquaint you with the wonder of the tongue-eating louse. “Notes on The Shadow World” tries to paint for us the gore experienced by the inhabitants of the shadow world, which is accessible via a portal that has interesting coordinates, with attendant grave consequences. Ghost stories are fun, and if you believe revenge is best served cold, then, “The Activist and Riding Hood” are just the tales for you. Our Riding Hood is no innocent girl who is at risk of being eaten by wolves; she could be worse than flesh-eating wolves. We also spin you a mermaid tale this time around. Sweet love is an unending whirlwind which comes full cycle in the story “For You Only.”

The issue promises to be a good read. Check out the titles listed below and follow this link to begin reading.

Riding Hood – Tariro Ndoro
Madam Aisirhiowen’s Greatest Invention – Amadin Ogbewe
How to Acquire a Tongue-eating Louse – Stacy Hardy
For Her Only – Matthew K Chikono
The Activist – Christopher Mlalazi
Notes on The Shadow World – Mandisi Nkomo
The Gods Have Made a Request – Ephraim Orji
Balla, tu es mon Épine: I – L’éveil d’une Lionne – Mariam Camara

Read the issue here.