Lauren Beukes celebrated the TV adaptation of her novel The Shining Girl in a very special way! With friends, family, and champagne, she hosted what she described on Instagram as a “DIY premiere.” The showing took place at The Castle Cinema, an art deco theater, in London. The TV series, streaming on AppleTV, premiered first on April 29th. (We covered some more details about the show here.)

The show stars Emmy Award-winning actress Elisabeth Moss as Kirby Mazrachi, a Chicago reporter who, in the aftermath of a brutal assault, finds her “reality shifting” as she plots her revenge against her attacker. The series will have an 8-episode run and has an extensive list of outstanding executive producers including Beukes, Moss, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lindsey McManus, Jennifer Davisson, and Alan Page Arriaga.

Beukes shared some of the photos (by photographer Peter Kindersley) on Instagram, check out some pictures below!