Nigerian author Chimeka Garricks has signed the dotted lines for a new edition of his bestselling short story collection A Broken People’s Playlist. It is set for publication in Spring 2023.

The collection, which was originally published by Masobe Books in Nigeria, was acquired by Daniella Wexler at Harper Via, who now holds the world English rights, excluding Africa.

Chimeka Garricks is an Irish-born Nigerian writer. He grew up in Port Harcourt and currently lives in Lagos. A Broken People’s Playlist is his second book, following his brilliant debut novel Tomorrow Died Yesterday. It is a collection of 12 interconnected stories about life in Port Harcourt. The stories explore diverse themes such as “trauma and joy, desire and loss, sin and redemption” but are held together with music as the centering element.

Garricks remarks in a statement to Brittle Paper that securing an international edition to the book “is an answered prayer and a miracle.” He adds: “I feel blessed. I’m in the debt of everyone who contributed to make this happen.”

His Nigerian publisher Othuke Ominiabohs notes the importance of sharing the work with a broader audience:

Chimeka Garricks is a storyteller, arguably one of the best from the African continent. The depth of his characterizations, the beauty of his expressions and the range of his stories is a marvel, art at its finest. Getting his works outside the shores of the African continent was only a matter of time. I am very excited that finally, the world would get to experience this great writer of our time.

We want to see more deals like this where Africa-based indie presses sell rights to publishers abroad. It does a lot for the local publishing industry.

Heartfelt congrats to Garricks and the Masobe team!

Stay tuned for more details.