Franco-Moroccan author Leila Slimani is set to release the sequel to In The Country of Others. The French edition was recently published by Gallimard editions. An English translation titled Watch Us Dance will be published by Viking in summer 2023.

In the book, reports Publisher’s Lunch, conflict “within an interracial family play out against the countercultural rebellions of the 1960s.” Watch Us Dance is the second book in a trilogy inspired by her family. The first book was inspired by Slimani’s grandmother’ story, how she fell in love with a Moroccan man and left Alsace, France to make a life with him in Meknes, Morocco. Watch Us Dance continues the story about 10 years later amidst the disillusionment of a newly independent and struggling Morocco.

Slimani is known for novels like The Perfect Nanny, Adele, and Sex and Lies: True Stories of Women’s Intimate Lives in the Arab World. Her fictional works are typically psychological thrillers centered on captivating but disturbed female characters. With this trilogy, she shifts gears into family dramas that span generations. Though the trilogy is centered on female characters like her other novels, it is certainly wider in scope, casting a broader, more vivid political backdrop than Slimani’s earlier works.

No word on the exact date of publication yet. We will share more details with you when we know more.