On one lonely night
You needed someone
To hold your hand
So you called into the abyss
& like answered prayers
They showed up
Like light amid darkness
They lit up your heart
Made it safe once again
Made you feel butterflies
& left you flustered — heaven-sent

An Angel in plain sight
Good news and laughter
Safety and comfort
Wrapped up in one person — your person
When they look into the dirt
That colours your eyes
It is with such reverence
Like Moses’ rod
They understand you
Even when your lips
Are too weak to speak
When you find your voice
They make you feel important
Like gold is etched on every word
That sprouts off your tongue

When they cry with you
You know you are never
Going to be alone again
When they write to you
You hold such letters
Close to your heart
When they speak
It fills you with warmth
Almost as if life comes
From within their core
In that moment
Nothing else matters

You pray they would never leave
You hope this will last forever
Whatever this is.





Photo by Ramez E. Nassif on Unsplash