Nigerian writer Sophia Ezomoghene debuts a new series. The first book in the Osagie Twins series is titled The Trickster in the Vase. It is part of a three book deal and will be published fall 2023 by Reycraft Books, a US-based children’s book publisher.

A self-described “cupcake fanatic” and “fried plantain aficionado,” Sophia was born in Florida to Nigerian parents. She earned a BA in Political Science and International Affairs from Northeastern University and a MA in Education from American University. After teaching pre-kindergarten and kindergarten for six years, she is currently a childhood literary specialist.

As reported by Publisher’s Marketplace, The Trickster in the Vase follows the Osagie twins and their encounter with a trickster god: “the twins break the number one rule of going into baba’s home office, and when they stumble and knock over a vase, releasing a trickster god, they need to somehow stop the troublesome deity from unleashing chaos in their community and recapture him before baba gets home.”

Congratulations to Ezomoghene!

Stay tuned for more info about the book.