Venomous, sinful my soul has become
Welding to the sentiment of lostness, as time goes by tears stream down

The sonnets from my heart die, sadly like a wilting flower
With tears piercing through my skin, I struggle to breath
In a close house, I snarl and howl in darkness

Shackles by hopelessness, passionately I listened to the curses put on my fate
Freedom taken, thoughts scheduled

She was the only haven in my besieged life
With our love dancing on a blade
We were mapped out, like a falling puzzle in a running train

Painful love, sprint of our tears
Wailing love, in grief we breathe

I am my father’s son, a wealthy and lonely being
You a poor and beautiful being with no wealth or power, and I fell for you
Our love is forbidden they say, so they torture and cast us away with their phrases and actions

Our moments were brief, in this lonely world
Filled with cruel suffering, futility awaits us

A last dance with you, and a sorrowful kiss
We will rest, in the depth of the sea
No pain, no hate
Together in solace

I pray we met again, without power or wealth
Without skin color or religion

As our eyes close, we fade away
Parting In solace of death





Photo by Flora Westbrook from Pexels