Nigerian-Finnish journalist and blogger Minna Salami has a new book coming soon. The book, titled Can Feminism Be African? will be published by William Collins Books in early 2024.

Salami was born in Finland and spent her youth in Nigeria before going to Sweden and London for her undergraduate and graduate studies. In 2010 she founded the blog MsAfropolitan that “connects feminism with critical reflections on contemporary culture from an Africa-centred perspective.” Her previous book, Sensuous Knowledge: A Black Feminist Approach for Everyone was published March 2020. Sensuous Knowledge “offers an Africa-centered, woman-centered, and black feminist approach to everything from power to beauty to womanhood to liberation” and “excavates African cosmologies, history, and art for ideas on rethinking the body, beauty, power, womanhood, and more.”

Can Feminism Be African? builds on Salami’s previous book by focusing on two central questions: “what happens when we consider feminism through an African lens, and Africa through a feminist one?” The book uses a combination of social commentary and social critique to illustrate how “patriarchy and culture stifles feminist spirit – and how we search through language, politics, and soul to reawaken it.” Central to the objective of this book, Salami noted in a press release, are her hopes to reach a wider audience and discuss current issues affecting women today.

I am writing this book to give a sense of key debates in African feminist thought to a wider audience, and to position African feminism as a home of galvanizing thought about social, political, and cultural shifts impacting women’s lives today. My book could not have found a better home than with William Collins, which champions writers that seek to make sense of the world with thought-provoking ideas. I feel so thrilled and excited to be working with Arabella Pike, who immediately understood my vision for the book. I am also very lucky to work with such a kind and enthusiastic agent as Georgina Capel.

Congrats to Minna Salami on the upcoming book!

Stay tuned for more details.