What do you see when you sleep?
Is it a dream or a vision?
Does he bear fangs and talons
Scratching and biting you in sacred places
Savouring the sweetness of virgin blood?
Does he carry clay in his palms
Fixing you in all the places you broke
Soothing your fears with mystical melodies
Lulling you back to your skin?
When you return
Do you arrive panting out of breath
Frantically searching for shadows in the dark
Holding your heart in your fingers
Wondering if this is the last time
You might get to feel their warmth?
Does he leave you eyes glazed, lips trembling
Shivering from the ecstasy of another life
Finding its purpose through your womb
Basking in the beauty of its new home?
This lethargy that you carry around
Resembles the aura of a human matrix
Nurturing the bones of a demigod
Should I tell you the story of Danae
Or do we just agree that Mars too is a myth?







Photo by Mariana Montrazi from Pexels