After listening to Madonna’s La Isla Bonita


Dance is the only language
That twists truth from the body

The only movement enough to turn
Rhythm into heated passion,

The sway of my hips
Just rose his eyelids into consenting a communion

We left the Disco light to find neutrals,
All of nature’s order became nocturnal as we journeyed
Into this place where everything became palm trees & sunshine

There is no rehearsal for the choreography of ecstasy
& Lust is just this freestyle breaking into samba
On the floor of our tongues

We were shadowed in a tempo too thick
To mark our faces in each other’s eyes

Love or whatever this was
Is best shown faceless

When dawn broke into the motel like reggae,
I rolled over to find the sheets already
Curled up like a novice ballerina
& I knew then, that I’d find him again
If I moved my waist under the neon of the disco on any new night









Photo by cottonbro from Pexels