My beautiful Ohunanílànké,
Amazon beauty with the skin of midnight.
Eyes sharp like an eagle on prowl,
Long legs with the grace of a peacock.
Your shapely body drives kings insane,
Your falsetto voice leading princes to rapture.

The village has been boring since you left,
Those deft steps that led you to pastures greener.
Remember those paths you trod as a kid?
The small tufted grasses have birthed mammoth trees.
I count each second, each hour, each day,
Hoping you will remember the root which gave you life.

I hear you are now an idol to thousands,
Your image gracing their screens of moving pictures.
I hear the praise singers shouting your eulogy,
You contorting your body to the ever-changing rhythm.
A strange foreboding fills my spirit,
And I will tell you three truths before my breath leaves.

Beauty is deceptive, attitude is king.
Whenever beauty takes you on a journey,
Only Character can keep you there, strong and firm.
Never see anyone as inferior,
For white pap is birthed from a black pot.
Treat all with equal respect,
Like the rain which falls on all alike.

Friends are like ants,
Plenty where the sugar has fallen.
Beware of those who will sell you stone for gold,
Friends who will teach you white is black.
For when the storm rages and the ship flounders,
They will be first to turn their back.

The strongest enemy of a man is himself.
Against all odds, believe in yourself.
Shut your ears to the negative energy of critics,
If you believe, you will achieve.
Eat well, drink well,
Keep your body in good shape,
And never forget to breathe.

Dear Daughter,
When choosing your significant other,
Remember that happiness is key
Love, from mother.










Photo by Nur Yilmaz from Pexels