A podcast series inspired by the book Female Fear Factory: Unravelling Patriarchy’s Cultures of Violence by Professor Pumla Dineo Gqola is out.

Gqola’s books talks about how fear is normalized in women’s lives. Beginning from girlhood, their bodies are presented as being “available to violate.” The book is eye-opening and completely changes how we look at women’s experiences in a patriarchal world.

The podcast, produced by Cassava Republic, takes the question of fear from the book into the real world and invites women from diverse backgrounds and different parts of the world to talk “about their experience of fear, how it is nurtured within them, how it has shaped their lives, and how they are breaking free from it.”

Here are highlights from some of the episodes featuring African women. Please go here to see the full list of interviews and immerse yourself in powerful stories about survival and resistance.

Gqola “takes us through her lived experience of the fear factory. The South African academic, writer, and gender activist reflects on the inspiration behind coining “Female Fear Factory” and rape culture. Gqola illustrates how the factory works to weaponise fear as a form of control.” Listen

Natalia Molebatsi, a South African poet, “talks about her early encounter with feared spaces, inherited toxic masculinity, victim blaming, safe spaces and the power of community.” Listen

Minna Salami, Nigerian-Finnish author, “gets into her childhood experiences, the disparity in how boys and girls are raised, navigating fear and carving out fear free spaces for herself.” Listen

Muthoni Muiruri is a Kenyan entrepreneur. She “reflects on incidences that made her feel violated, creating forms of protection for herself, shrinking public spaces, the need to push for affirmative action and creating community through Soma Nami Books.” Listen

Sarah Ozo-Irabor, the Director of the Caine Prize, “reflects on spaces deemed safe but aren’t always, women who uphold patriarchy and so much more.” Listen

Go here to listen to all episodes of the podcast.