blessed blissful beauty,
the greeneries spring

with wells of your benevolence,
your boundless womb swells with

the tireless bustle of aquatic life,
here I come—

nude & needy,
none between us,

burning in unhidden passion,
trickling to be one with you

pin me to your embrace,
my body pressed into your wetness

waiting for a ride in you,
kinetic hip swinging happily in serenity

basking in your paradise,
this ceaseless flow breeds life

let me feel your subtle touch,
as your fingers explore the atlas of my body

& the fierceness of your rush
the gentle caress that tickles one up to the clouds,

with our souls entangling as one,
buried in the sweetness that you bring

your murmuring waves,
serenade my ears with sounds of ecstasy

as I kiss your wet lips,
let your tongue slide down my throat in orgasm,

a quench to my lustful thirst,
cooling this body that will forever befriend you












Photo by Jabari Timothy on Unsplash