Nicole Kidman and Leila Slimani.

Leila Slimani’s debut novel is headed to American cable and streaming network HBO as a limited series. American actor Nicole Kidman will star alongside Maya Erskine, reports Deadline. Kidman and Erskine are also executive producers on the project.

The Perfect Nanny is Slimani’s debut novel. It tells the story of a Parisian family and their nanny who turns murderous, killing the family’s two little children. The novel is inspired by the true story of the Krim family tragedy.  The novel was published in 2016 in France by Gallimard and became an instant international bestseller.

HBO and Legendary Productions are joining forces to bring the novel to life to life. Apparently, HBO won the rights for the movie in what Deadline describes as “a very competitive situation.” With Kidman on the bill and HBO leading the production, the show is sure to make an impression. makes some interesting guesses based on the casting of Kidman and Erskine:

Although it’s not yet clear who will play which part, it seems likely that Kidman will embody the older Louise, the fastidious caregiver who suddenly turns violent, while the 35-year-old Erskine will be a version of Myriam, the lawyer who employs Louise to look after her young daughter and baby son so that she can reenter the workforce. As Erskine is Japanese American, unlike the Myriam of Slimani’s novel, who is French Moroccan, it’s probable that the show’s plot will differ from the book’s in other significant ways (perhaps also in terms of its Parisian setting), though the central themes of maternal guilt, racial tensions and class divisions should remain in place.

Though the book was adapted for film adaptation in France in 2019, this is the first English language adaptation. Congrats to Slimani. The Perfect Nanny is the book that keeps giving. We are delighted for her.

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