Don’t give me that stare. You know I’ll give you one right back,
We’re far across from each other in the dark,
But rest assured I always know where you are,
I can feel it. When you move right, I feel.
Because that is where the wind now blows from,
The forceful breeze that ushers in the cold.
It’s a battle for space between us now.
Both waiting for the other to move,
Both sure that to move first is
to set the whole cage up for carnage,
Yet we are drawn to it.
It’s in our blood,
To the death, to the tears,
to the booms, to the busts.
The ins and outs of our game.
We’ve been here before.
I remember. Did you think I would forget?
The missed kiss that caused a thousand groans,
Or the touch that sparked a thousand moans,
And the blast that engraved in solid black on concrete,
A memorial reminder of the dangers of moving first.
You remember all too well. That is why we both wait.
My knees still shake from how it blew up last time.
Yet, we both love the bomb,
Would it be so bad if I heat things up and kiss you one last time?
Does the frost between us have to persist?
I know that you wrestle with these thoughts too.
So why don’t you do something?
Why don’t you make a move?
Even if you do it just ‘cause
Then we can love in peace,
Not have to worry that people will remember,
By the time we’re done, there won’t be a world to face,
It will just be you and me in this wide empty space,
Then we will either thrive.
Or tear each other apart till one of us rules this place.
















Photo by Kevin Nalty on Unsplash