After the success of her debut novel, British-Nigerian writer Onyi Nwabineli has signed the rights to her second book to Graydon House in a two-book deal. The book is titled Scrutiny and will be published in Winter 2024. UK rights were sold to Oneworld.

Scrutiny follows the life of a young woman who was “raised in the spotlight by her opportunistic stepmother.” The story shows how the main character grapples with adulthood and overcomes her toxic family, ultimately reclaiming her identity and hope. It sounds like a wholesome read and we cannot wait to read more of Nwabineli’s work!

See Nwabineli’s announcement about her upcoming book on Twitter below:

Onyi Nwabineli was born in Benin, Nigeria and grew up in Glasgow, the Isle of Man, and Newcastle. She now lives in London and is an up-and-coming writer with her debut novel Someday, Maybe having come out just last year. Check out the Brittle Paper book feature of Nwabineli’s debut here.

Congrats to Nwabineli on her second book!