I am a packrat, a hoarder of memories,
I keep them all – broken, lost, and distorted,
The good, the bad, the ugly, they all remain,
Tucked away; in the recesses of my brain.

I keep the moments that hurt me the most,
The ones that left me feeling like a ghost,
Haunted by the past, I can’t let it go,
I cling to it tightly, it’s all I know.

The broken dreams, the lost loves,
All etched in my mind, like a tapestry,
A tapestry of sadness, of regret,
That I can’t seem to forget.

I see the world through a veil of memories,
The good times and the bad,
I can smell the scent of a long-forgotten love,
And feel the ache of a heartbreak from above.

I taste the bitterness of regret,
And feel the weight of the memories I’ve kept,
They’re a burden that I can’t seem to shake,
A weight that I carry with me, until I break.

I long to let go, to release this heavy load,
But the memories remain, and I can’t let go,
They’re a part of me, they define who I am,
The scars of my past, like a brand.

I keep the memories of a childhood lost,
The one that never got a chance to blossom,
Abandoned, neglected, and left to fend,
A wounded child that never learned to mend.

I keep the memories of a life unfulfilled,
Of dreams that died, and ambitions unskilled,
The weight of it all is a heavy load,
But still, I carry it down this winding road.

I want to let go, to break free from the past,
To live in the present, and not be held fast,
To find a way out of this endless cycle,
And heal the wounds that run so deep and vital.

But still, I cling to the memories so tight,
Afraid that if I let go, I’ll lose the fight,
But maybe it’s time to loosen the hold,
And find a way to finally be bold.

To shed the weight of these broken memories,
And embrace the future with all its uncertainties,
To let go of the past and all its strife,
And finally start living a brand new life.













Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash