Oh, black man of the night
Robber of every soul
Destroyer of the strongest heart
Melter of the most beautiful eyes

Why do you make us wail in hate?
Why become our unpredictable fate
Why take away our voice
Why make us feel like we don’t have a choice

Without you, we all have hope but with you our world is undefined
Mighty men born with a task, when you meet them, they leave their task behind
Sometimes they wish you never existed
Yet with nature by your side, you can’t be resisted

Sorrow roams each time you visit
Hearts plead for you to listen
But you love the arson
Now snatching is your credit

Oh, can you listen when we cry
Can you let go of your mission when we ask?
Can you bring back our loved ones and not deny?
Or will you continue to bask in this vastness of hatred wearing mask?













Photo by Basil James on Unsplash