Falling for a man should come naturally, not so?
Yet, when love found me, it was a woman who practically knocked my socks off

Stepped in through that vulnerable door,
And the mental and emotional battles, raimented like sumo wrestlers,
Challenged me to a duel

Strolled in casually afterwards,
And the fighting continued
I lost in the end to the realization of the truth

Washed over me like a wave, soaking me with yet more fears,
How was I to share this truth?

Like a thorn, pierced all over my body and left scars,
Scars to remind me that this is a sin?
A sin to be kept hidden

It was the easiest of things to do
I can do this, shove it deep down
Of course, I’m not what I think I am

I wore it like cheap perfume on my old self;
If unable to completely show my truth,
Somehow I hope the world will perceive the scent of who I am now,
Well, only if they sniff harder














Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels