What a beautiful little creature life appears to be
But what a scary monstrous beast she really is.
She is and has always been, a two headed sentient.
She bestows upon you the most precious gift of all
But almost in an instant, she paralyzes you with her venom
And as if that is not enough, she always takes back her precious gift
Plundering you into a state of utter darkness.
What is the meaning of all of this you ask?
Why do you torture me for no reason?
She stays silent as if your question means nothing
But then she says to you, she says to all, almost in a whisper
Go forth and conquer, for there are many untamed dragons in the chaos.
This is what I ask of you, she says. This is you.
She speaks again; look towards the hill, there is a boulder there
You must journey with it uphill and back down again
As those from time past have done
And those in time future shall do
This is what I ask of you, she says. This is you.
She speaks again; like those of time past have figured out, there is a catch.
You must, I tell you; voluntarily do it again and again and again till you are no more
For nothing but what I give, will be taken.
This, is the curse I give to you, and to all, there is no escape
For everything under the sun, she says, must dance to my tune or pay dearly.
She speaks one final time; the road I tell you, is sometimes insufferable, tedious and arduous
But remember the words I am to speak right now, for it will give you life.
Those who have heeded my call in time past and sought to dance to my tune
Have always answered thus; Amor Fati.
This I tell you, this is the key.