If you’re in the mood to read horror stories that will give you goosebumps and keep you up at night, then this booklist is perfect for you! Nigerian-British author Nuzo Onoh is often hailed as the queen of African horror, so we want to take this opportunity to give readers a glimpse into her spine-chilling tales.

Read the synopses of the books below and decide which one appeals to you. The Reluctant Dead (2014) and Unhallowed Graves (2015) are short story collections depicting core Igbo culture, traditions, beliefs and superstitions with tons of ghosts and spirits included. But if you’re more of a horror novel fan, then dive deep into child spirits in The Sleepless (2016), a corpse that refuses to die in Dead Corpse (2017) and a warrior-prince fighting against an Osu curse in A Dance for the Dead (2022).

Onoh experienced the Biafran war in Nigeria as a child refugee and was the victim of an attempted “exorcism” by a local pastor at the age of 13, which shaped her approach to the horror genre. Her stories have been featured in many anthologies and she was recently nominated for the British Science Fiction Awards as well. Read about Onoh’s forthcoming novel The Ghosts in the Moon here.

We hope that all you horror fans out there enjoy this deliciously scary booklist which compiles Onoh’s work thus far!