Photo sourced from Bunmi Emenanjo’s website.

Nigerian-American author Bunmi Emenanjo will make her debut with a fascinating children’s picture book titled I’ll See You in Ijebu, featuring a Nigerian girl celebrating Eid with her extended family. The book will be published by Barefoot Books in Fall 2024.

Illustrated by Diana Ejaita, Emenanjo’s children’s book has a wholesome and uplifting story. According to Publisher’s Marketplace, the book features a Catholic city girl from Lagos who travels into the Nigerian countryside to spend Eid al-Adha with her Muslim extended family.

We are so proud of Emenanjo for choosing a modern Nigerian family with multiple religious backgrounds as the setting for her first children’s book! This title is a must read for parents who want to introduce their children to more inclusive families and storylines in children’s literature, encouraging children to broaden their understanding of the world.

Bunmi Emenanjo is an author, lawyer, entrepreneur, public speaker, and curator of children’s literature. She was born in the US, raised in Nigeria, and currently lives in Maryland. In 2019, she founded Atlas Book Club, a company that curates globally diverse children’s books to help all kids see themselves represented in the books they read, and to travel the world through these books. Emenanjo also practices law under the Biden administration.

Congrats to the multitalented Emenanjo on her debut children’s book! Preorder here.