I know you love reading me
You love the taste of my musings on your tongue
How it makes you feel like the star in your movie
How each verse smothers you in its lyric

I know you pray my pen keeps bleeding
quenching your thirst for poetry in motion
and feeding you with joyful sadness
from the uncertain depths of my inspiration

You yearn for doses of my poetic pauses
seated in the flowery screams in my themes
from words forged in the fiery furnace of fury
and like pottery, formed with clay of calm and chaos

The rhythm of arousal beat your eardrums
and your racing heart dances to evoked emotions
But the engrossing melodies that arrest you
are born from moans of melancholy and merriment

When you’re immersed in stanzas of peace and love
and drenched in the beautiful and perfect undertones
know the rain of stimulation that washes over you
was formed in clouds of heartiness and heartbreaks.











Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash