Digital learning platform Ijeruka is offering a new 6-week online course exploring the cultural landscapes of African and diasporic communities. The course will be held from June 6 to July 13, 2023.

Titled “Designing Africa & the Diaspora,” the course will focus on the intersections of design, power, belonging, Afrofuturity, and collective flourishing. Participants will consider “design” as an expansive term and practice that have shaped particular outcomes in our society but that can also help us envision better futures. In the face of multiple compounding crises, how have African-descendants designed for transformation, creating vessels for reimagining the world as it could be—a world that defies dysfunctional conventions and celebrates the essence of our shared humanity?

The methods of instruction is highly interactive and will include lectures, Q&A sessions, and workshops focused on collaborative and speculative storytelling.The eight instructors, who are master practitioners in their various fields, include cultural worker and spatial expert Amahra Spence, liberatory designer Jacquelyn Ogorchukwu Iyamah, emancipatory design and social justice coordinator Lesley-Ann Noel, designer, strategist and social practitioner Nu Goteh, creative technologist and artist Uzoma Orji, multidisciplinary designer and researcher Miriam Hillawi, and the founder of Ijeruka herself Anwulika Okonjo.

Ijeruka is a digital learning community that curates online courses about self, social and systemic change centering people of African descent. Their previous course focused on radical hope.

Classes will be live every Tuesday at 3 PM EST / 7 PM GMT and recordings will be available after each session. The course will also involve optional weekly readings, practices, and resources that help you explore further on your own time.

Go here to find more info about the course and session breakdown.

Registration fee is $300. However, there is a payment plan available along with a cost-accessible bursary option for low-income participants.

Register here.