I woke up today, a captive in my mind,
Lost in the tumultuous waves of thought that bind
My father bemoans this era’s mindless tide
A generation unwilling to endure what it ought to abide;
“What happened to rising above these trivial complaints,
And finding the strength to persevere through the pains?”
He questions, with a heavy heart and a wise eye
But I struggle to explain the feeling of my lungs closing in, and why.
Anxiety grips me tightly, and I cannot turn a blind eye
Desperate for a feasible solution, I run from here to there and cry,
From pillars to posts, from preachers to therapists I search,
For peace from this roaring thunder that leaves me in the lurch

My mother advises me to knock upon heaven’s door,
To ease the pain that gnaws inside my soul, and more,
To pray for the soldiers fighting, until they find their way back to being whole
She hopes we all find our answers someday by knocking on heaven’s door.

My sister tells me that she too follows my mother’s advice
That it feels like receiving a warm hug from an unseen father,
And this helps her rise above, and start anew,
And that in praying for others too, she finds peace and joy

So, I pray for my soul, for my loved ones, and for the world
For peace, love, and understanding to reign,
And for the flags of forgiveness to be unfurled.
















Photo by Isabella Fischer on Unsplash