Heed, let me wander through the streets of thy mind,
Down the rocky cliffs of thy consciousness,
Like a stray dog searching for a crumb to find,
The very essence of its being, in its restlessness.

Though thou art distant, far from my reach,
Yet my heart doth find its home in thee,
Let these fond feelings, I do beseech,
Be enough to bridge the distance between thee and me.

Behold, I shall be the wind caressing thy night,
Upon thy bare visage, I shall bestow a kiss,
And linger around the fantasy of thy sight,
For in dreams and visions, true love finds its bliss.

Come, dear one, for the night is long and dark,
Join me on this journey through my thought,
Let us bind our souls like an unbreakable mark,
And create a romance that will never be for nought.













Photo by Nicholas Githiri from Pexels