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For Nigerians in Nigeria

Brand new Nigerian passport for sale. All 64 pages are unstamped. Passport is valid for 10 years. Necessary for relocation abroad. The one-time fee includes a change of data page information and immediate insurance. NGN 150,000.

Now that the “Independent” National Electoral Commission INEC has failed us yet again and He has been elected and surprisingly sworn into office, don’t get caught up in the country’s ruins. A passport is cheaper than the amount of fuel you’ll have to buy this month alone if you have a minimum of one car and a generator to fill. Buy now and relocate abroad – where you don’t need to bother about generators and can rely on a city transport system that works – before December 2023.

Pay an extra NGN 800,000 for visa approval, accommodation, AND job acceptance in your choice of country. If you want to go through the study route, say you’re unsure about ASUU’s current success streak, pay an extra NGN900,000 only for university admission, visa approval AND accommodation. 99% application success rate.

Buy now and avoid stories that touch when passport booklets finish, therefore keeping you trapped in the country to suffer through the spells of inflation and job market crises.

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For Nigerians in Canada

Brand new Nigerian passport for sale. All 64 pages are unstamped. Passport is valid for 10 years. Necessary to escape winter this year. The one-time fee includes a change of data page information. CAD 1,000.

Ditch the stressful application process and unnerving wait times that the Nigerian High Commission will put you through. Don’t let the functional website deceive you. Avoid paying $$$ to travel to Ottawa, we deliver passports nationwide. Passport delivery within 5-10 business days.

Pay an extra CAD600 for a visa extension (LEGAL). Valid for customers whose visas are NOT yet expired.

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Nationwide Shipping.

For Non-Nigerians

Become a citizen of Africa’s most beloved country! The Giant of Africa is ready to welcome you as a citizen. Nigeria is home to Africa’s largest metropolitan city, Lagos, and sits as the centre of commerce, arts, culture, and entertainment.

Brand new Nigerian passport for sale. All 64 pages are unstamped. Passport is valid for 10 years. Helpful for travel within West Africa if you want to feel as local as possible. Not so beneficial outside of the continent. The one-time fee ($2,000) covers all technical requirements.

Great asset to prove to your friends that you are not geographically oblivious to the world outside of your country. An even greater asset to prove to the African community on social media that you are one of them. Don’t bother about your lack of melanin (if this applies to you) or your abominable pronunciation of African words, whip out your Nigerian passport, and your faults will be excused. Not by Nigerians of course, but the insults will turn from mockery to an act of tough love.

A Nigerian passport instantly puts you on top of the African food chain. With Nigerians as the Giants of Africa and infamously the most obnoxious of the bunch, you automatically have bragging rights among other Africans.

Feel free to kindly call or text this number 1-778-419-786 for further inquiries,
Pick up in Toronto, London, Houston, and Atlanta.
Worldwide Shipping Available.