I’ve echoed silently in a raging fire,
Straining to mask my festering wound
I’ve pleaded to my shadow on several nights,
To soothe a heart that’s crumbling fast.

But how do I spill the devil’s true name?

This Enigma of a feral monster,
Thrust spear of a gruesome beast
Abysmal of a piercing arrow,
A hidden terror in the howling wind.

Yesterday, I somberly watched the sky swallow the stars,
As I heard my chained mind wail for escape
Stings in manifolds from previous nights,
Like a caged eagle, fluttering to see the clouds.

I have seen behind the masquerade’s mask and I shall speak;

Pain is a rustling leaf that sluggishly withers,
The transient tide of a blustery wave
Camouflaged angel in the devil’s robe,
Shielding armour from the paragon’s vile.

When shall you break free from the shackles of silence?
Intrepid warrior with nature’s spikes
When shall you sound your symphony on the towering hill?
A Dazzling scar from a gashing aid.











Photo by Henry & Co. on Unsplash