Soma Nami Books is hosting Kenya’s biggest showcase and sale of African books at its first African Book Fair from August 1–5 at the McMillan Memorial Library on Banda Street, Nairobi. Offering over 10,000 books total, the fair will include 2,000 titles from more than 50 African countries.

A leading Kenyan Pan-African Bookstore, Soma Nami is Swahili for ‘Read with Me’. It partners with local and international publishers, authors, and cultural institutions, securing a diverse and large offering of books.

Soma Nami’s inaugural African Book Fair is an annual week-long book fair centering African Literature. This literary extravaganza will showcase titles from Anglophone, Francophone, Lusophone, and Arabophone Africa at great discounts.

Exhibiting works from new writers to celebrated authors, the African Book Fair aims to celebrate the diversity of African storytelling, amplifying the voices and experiences that shape this continent. The fair will offer books from continental literary giants such as Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya, but also other African countries such as Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Cape Verde, and more.

Ms Muthoni Muiruri, Co-founder and Director of Soma Nami Books, remarks about the fair:

This is an exciting moment for us as Soma Nami Books as we not only get to share our diverse African catalogue with readers, but we are reinforcing the message that we, as Africans, are the main characters in our continent, and here are million stories to prove it. We are changing that narrative, one book, one story at a time.

The African Book Fair will provide a platform for bibliophiles to explore an extensive collection of African literature and the vast literary wealth of the continent. A wide array of genres is available to suit every reading preference.

Please attend if you are in Nairobi around that time! For more information, contact [email protected].