should I undress you with my eyes,
prying into the contours of your curves.
let my whispers weave a wonderous tickle in your ear
and my lips plant tendrous-tickling kisses on your neck.

shall I call forth the warm water of pleasure
trending in your thigh,
gushing in your eyes,
thirsty for a tingling touch.

we are far apart caged into this smartphone
mirroring our world of passion where my yearnings are yawning for you.

i salivate over your images
of your flashy fashion walk videos and your vogue voice.

this smartphone thing is over, i will need your touch,
your passionate sweat souring my skin into a wanting wetness.

i will need your moans piercing my ear, marvelling my senses.

i will hold you all night, all day and never let you go.












Photo by Mariana Montrazi from Pexels