Nigerian educator and author Chinyelu Kunz is set to publish her debut nonfiction prose collection titled Bedtime Blessings that parents can read to children during bedtime. The book will be published by Rock Point Press.

Kunz is best known for being a Waldorf educator for over 28 years as a mother and early childhood teacher. Her nonfiction collection includes affirming words and advice for stressed parents to ease the challenge of bedtime and rest time.

Waldorf education is a global independent school movement developed by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. In Waldorf education, the learning process is threefold, engaging head, heart, and hands — or thinking, feeling, and doing – to nurture and engage children through an integration of academics, arts, and practical skills.

Chinyelu Kunz was born Enugu, Nigeria. Kunz holds a BA in Interior Design and a Master’s in Architecture, and has completed the Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training at Sunbridge Institute in Spring Valley, New York, and the LifeWays Early Childhood Training.

In 2019, Chinyelu founded We Nurture, a podcast series that offers topics on early childhood as well as stories for children. She also founded We Nurture Collective, an online destination to discover the Waldorf approach to mindful parenting that offers parenting coaching sessions, children’s stories, recipes, and more. In 2020, Chinyelu became a Board member of LifeWays North America.

Kunz said she first experienced Waldorf Education in Southern California when she joined a parent-and-child class when her son was just under two years old. She added:

I have always loved learning and have been drawn to the arts for as long as I can remember so it’s not surprising that my first encounter with Waldorf Education was a match. When I discovered Waldorf Education, it resonated with me instantly and just made sense as an educational approach to teaching children. The more I read and learned, the more it made sense.

Congrats to Kunz on the nonfiction collection! We are sure it will be a useful tool to new parents.