Ghanaian author Bernard Mensah will publish his children’s picture book titled Sunshine Baby, Bofrot Cheeks. The book explores the adventures of a Ghanaian dad-son duo and will be published by Little Bee Books in Summer 2025.

Mensah’s picture book features a rambunctious Ghanaian baby and his father. In the book, they wake up, eat, play games, take a bath, and go to bed. The book includes common Twi words and phrases, helping parents teach their kids to become multilingual if they wish.

Sunshine Baby, Bofrot Cheeks will be illustrated by Islenia Mil, an Afro-Latina editorial and book illustrater based in New York City.

Bernard K. Mensah is a children’s book author by night and a software engineering manager by day. He is Ghanaian and lives in the UK with his two rambunctious boys. He is a member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and Storytelling Academy. He also helped co-found #BlackCreatorsInKidlit and HabermanNerds. BlackCreatorsInKidlit exists to increase Black representation in publishing, and HabermanNerds exists to nurture and promote African literature and storytelling.

He has published The Rainy Day Zoo (2021), Rambunctious Kwame And the Case of The Missing Birthday Banku (2021), and Yawa the Adventurer Issue 1 (2022). He has books forthcoming next year as well.

Congrats to Mensah on the new book!